A Guide to Building your Home - On Your Own Lot

Building a custom home can be overwhelming for the new homeowner.  When deciding to build a custom home, knowing what to expect is an important factor in your decision to build.  This general guideline serves to help our clients see visions becomes reality.

Locating your home site

Some clients building a custom home already own the land where they plan to build.  Our initial meeting with potential clients is visiting your home site with you. From there, we can make specific recommendations as to what home type would work best, the positioning of the home on the site and identification of any potential issues that may be associated with your home site. If your property requires a septic system/water well, this is the time to get the process started.  If you have not purchased property, we will be glad to work with you to help select the ideal site for your new home.

**Some subdivisions only allow particular builder/builders to construct homes in their location, so you will need to pay close attention to those requirements when you decide where to build.

Deciding on a Floor Plan

The next step is working with a home designer to plan your new home.  RD Campbell Custom Homes in-house designers work with you to create the architectural design and complete the detailed engineering of the build.  It is at this point that we determine how the home will be situated on your home site.

Once the home plan is finalized and the optional features have been chosen, we will be able to provide a cost estimate of the construction. In addition, we provide a standard selection sheet of hardware and lighting to make this process as easy as possible.

Financing with Loans

There are two major components to financing the construction of your new home. The first is to obtain a construction loan and the second is to obtain permanent financing on your loan. Typically these are combined to give the buyer a one-time (1x) close.

Beginning Home Construction

Once we have your final plans, interior and exterior selections completed and your loan has funded, it is time to start construction! The initial phases—foundation and framing—may seem to take time, but once the frame is up, prepare to move quickly! We will be updating you on a weekly basis throughout the entire home building process, reminding you when it is nearing time for the next phase. The list below outlines the construction staging process.

  1. Pre-construction Meeting

  2. Stage 1: Foundation Complete

  3. Stage 2: Frame Complete

  4. Color Verification Meeting - could occur as early as Stage 2

  5. Stage 3: Shingles Complete

  6. Pre-Drywall Meeting

  7. Stage 4: Insulation Complete

  8. Stage 5: Drywall Taped and Textured

  9. Stage 6: Interior Trim and doors complete

  10. Stage 7: Kitchen and vanity tops installed

  11. Stage 8: carpet installed

  12. Stage 9: Personal Builder completes the home

  13. Stage 10: Accept Home

  14. Buyer Introduction

  15. Closing

Customer Orientation

Upon completion of your new custom home, we schedule a “walk-through” to orient you with your new home.  At this point, we encourage you to be as detail-oriented as possible to make sure the house meets your expectations.  We also acquaint you with your new appliances, security system and other important aspects of your new home. By the end of the orientation, you will be familiar with basic care, troubleshooting, and emergency procedures.


At your closing, you will receive additional information that will assist you in maintaining your new home. You will also receive a booklet containing the names and phone numbers of all the major suppliers and tradesmen that worked on creating your new home.

New Home Warranty

After closing you will find that, you will receive outstanding service through our warranty program. RD Campbell Custom Homes offers an industry standard warranty that covers the workmanship and building products used in your new home for one year. A ten-year transferable warranty is offered on all structural components.


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